Solaris Brochure Flats

How Solar Water Heaters work

Solar water heaters use the energy from the sun to heat and store water. There are two basic components that are used in this process.

1. Heat collection and transfer components

These components collect the heat from the sun in flat boxes, called “collectors,” which lie on their flat sides and have glass at the top side. This glass allows the sunshine to penetrate and strike a special surface with a special absorber coating, which absorbs the solar radiation. This heat is transferred to a network of pipes in the collector that carry the water that is to be heated.

2. Heat and water storage tanks

This heated water is transferred to a cylindrical tank for storage. The heated water is sometimes transferred by pump. In other cases the heated water will flow naturally to a tank that is placed at a higher level.  This flow of heated water is similar to the rise of hot smoke from a chimney.

When the heated water flows naturally into the tank it pushes the cooler water back down into the collector where it is re-heated. This process is called the thermosyphon effect.

How the Retrofit Kit works

Flat solar panels are placed on your roof, which are linked by tubes to the circulation pump near the tank, which heats the water. During hours of sunlight, the circulation pump operates and heats water, which is stored in your existing tank. You will have a full tank of hot water to use in hours of darkness or cloudy conditions. Your only limitation is the size of your tank.

Easy installation

Solar Retrofit Kit for Electric Water Heaters is easily installed. Customers may choose to install the kit themselves, use a distributor or have Solaris Energy technicians install it.

Solaris Energy is the sole supplier of solar circulation pump in the Caribbean.

How PV works

Electricity is produced by sunlight striking the surface of multiple photovoltaic (PV) panels. The electricity produced is in DC, much like your car battery. That DC power must be converted to AC which is the form sent by the electric company to your home or business. Once your solar system converts this DC power to AC power then all or some of your appliances and equipment will run off the solar energy.

Grid options meet every need

Our PV systems may be connected to the national grid of the Light and Power company so that it can product solar electricity during the day and receive grid power for night-time use. Solaris Energy does offer the option to install a bank of batteries as a back-up mechanism for when the grid is down.

If your building is in a remote location, or if you do not wish to be connected to the grid, Solaris Energy can install a system that is completely independent. This system will have a battery bank sized to be able to supply electricity for an estimated period without sunlight. This means it will supply electricity every night and for overcast days. A small generator back-up to the off-grid system is a commonly requested feature of most customers.