Generate Electricity Using the Sun

Solaris Energy provides Photovoltaic solar power (PV) solutions to  reduce your dependency on electricity and to give you control of how you power your life. PV solar power systems use the light of the sun to generate electricity in your home and office. Solaris Energy’s PV system includes solar panels, current inverter, batteries, charge controller and combiner box – all of which work together to power the appliances that add comfort to your home and business life.  Our Monocrystalline & Polycrystalline Solar panels are proven technology.  With positive power tolerance they are built to withstand high winds.

 Modern Technology Options Provides Back Up & Comfort

Using the latest technology, Solaris Energy features a variety of systems to meet your needs and lifestyle. You can choose from a completely independent system with battery and generator back up or a system that provides some electricity from PV and some from a wind generator . The independent systems have a battery bank sized to be able to supply electricity for an estimated period without sunlight. This means it will supply electricity every night and on overcast days.