Our Solar Street Lighting offers long term power saving, conservation of precious natural resources and elimination of the need for generating additional power.  Our lights are available in different heights – single or double arm. They work continuously 3-7 days during rainy days and CCTV options are available.

Product Features:

·    Solar Panel: High quality, monocrystalline, over 16% efficiency

·    Maintenance-free Battery: enclosed lead-acid GEL battery, underground water-proof design, 12Vdc/24Vdc, 120AH – 150AH •

·    Control System: CPU microcomputer control, light control + time control,reverse polarity protection, overcharge and discharge protection, solar anti-overcharge protection, temperature compensation, full power, half-power setting

·    Automatic control system and constant current drive to ensure long-life of the LED lights and meet the local lighting requirements

·    Timed light control constant current output power: 15W-30W Single high efficiency energy-saving LED light source: high luminum light, slow light decay

·    Pole height: 4m-8m (Q235 steel pipe + Zn Plating + spray, thickness 3.5mm – 4mm)

·    Working time: 4-12 hours, working continuously for 3-7 days during rainy days

·    Working time is adjustable based on custom design

·    Customization available for solar panel size, battery capacity, LED light power for local condition to meet your requirements