Fits Any Lifestyle

Solaris Energy offers solutions to meet every lifestyle and its newest customizable solution is the Solar Retrofit Kit for electric water heaters.  The Solar Retrofit Kit converts your existing electric water heater into a solar water heating solution. No roof-top tanks needed! We can retrofit any tank size, the Solar Retrofit Kit is a perfect solution for those who want an easy and inexpensive way to reduce their dependency on electricity.

You are in Control

During hours of sunlight, the system heats water which is stored in your existing tank so you will have a full tank of hot water to use in hours of darkness or cloudy conditions. Your only limitation is the size of your tank. Plus! You control the temperature of your water. Once the water temperature in your tank drops below your specified temperature, the electric heater automatically switches on – giving you complete control over your water temperature and comfort level. You also may turn on your electric heater at any time.  The SolarRetrofit Kit for Electric Water Heaters is easily installed. Customers may choose to install the kit themselves, use a distributor or have Solaris Energy technicians install it.